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Top Quotes by Jason Gallagher: 1

Top Quotes by Jason Gallagher: 1

Oct 2018

The following popular quotes have been collected from the leadership writings of Jason Gallagher, Joseph Consulting.


Top Quotes from ‘Desire Paths: Detouring to Success

Let things drop off the list and watch to see if anyone notices.

Listen to client objections and start innovating together.

The aim is to use client and volunteer desire paths as a detour to organisational success.


Top Quotes from ‘Aligned and Sabotaging:2

Most people genuinely believe in the purpose and values of their organisation. They are aligned. But their drive and initiatives for quick ‘wins’ are sabotaging their long-term success.

When humility is embraced, its wonderful power begins to work. Like the ripple effect of a stone landing in a pond. It spreads and leads to honour.


Top Quotes from ‘Empowering Lemonade Makers

Our Leaders are change agents. They have the power to resist or promote change.

We must empower our Leaders to become Lemonade Makers.


Top Quotes from ‘You Carry the Name

Being a father is at times very similar to leading a large organisation. Both set culture and model acceptable behaviour. A father carries the name of his heritage and passes it on to his children. A leader becomes a representative of their company brand and reputation. Both ‘carry the name’.

Leading large organisations… We see Reactionary Leaders and we see Intentional Leaders… regardless of how they became Leaders both ‘carry the name’. Both own the outcomes of their staff’s performance and actions.

In fathering and leading big organisations’ these two things are givens – they carry the name and own the outcomes.

Being an Intentional Leader and understanding that you ‘carry the name’ empowers you…Being an Intentional Leader means that you can alter the outcomes.

An Intentional Leader; owns their responsibility, creates a picture of what success looks like, does what they say they will do, coaches and develops their staff.


Top Quotes from 'Enjoy History to Change the Future'

We celebrate what we value.

The retelling of past organisational events is usually told with rich emotion, interwoven with personal opinion and thoughts. These stories are a change leaders gold mine.

History provides valuable clues for current day change initiatives. Listening to their history can give you clues to the non-tangible elements of past change initiatives.


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