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What about me!  The new leader gets all the glory

What about me! The new leader gets all the glory

Nov 2018

New leaders bring a mix of excitement and fear for existing subordinate staff within an organisation.  How will they change things? Will they change my role and responsibility?  These questions and many more create unease and uncertainty for staff awaiting the arrival of a new leader.

The new leader arrives.  They have their own personal and organisation expectations to fulfil.  Not only are they required to learn the technical component (services, products, customers, technologies, strategies), but the complex culture and politics of the organisation.  Michael Watkins states that they have 90 days to fulfil expectations and set their long term course within the organisation.

There are three simple keys to unlocking success ‘under new management’. 

  1. Opportunity to Change: There is no guarantee that what made you successful in the past will neatly align with the new leader. You need a new and fresh mind set. Things will be different, but you can adapt. Your new leader will be interested in current performance, but more importantly future opportunities (and risks) for your team and the organisation.

  2. Clarify Expectations: You need to take complete responsibility for your relationship with the new leader. They have many challenges they are facing and sometimes they do not focus on the needs of subordinate staff. Take time to consider your new leader’s style. Try to meet with them and clarify mutual expectations. It is worthwhile continually reassessing these expectations during the first 90 days.

  3. Early Wins: Early wins create momentum and energy for the new leader and the organisation. While you are clarifying expectations also confirm how you can contribute to the early wins required by the new leader. Working hard to deliver these early wins will build your personal credibility and help establish a positive working relationship with the new leader.

Change can be challenging and confusing.  Take time to reflect on these three simple keys and use this opportunity to enhance your person and career.

At Joseph Consulting we are passionate about empowering leaders at any level within the organisation.  Please call Joseph Consulting if you would like to discuss how to refresh and energise your leadership.


Jason Gallagher

Joseph Consulting

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