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The Journey

We don't have teenagers

We don’t have teenagers. We have young people on a journey to adulthood. Our role as parents is to help guide and lead them along the journey. Our aim is that they greet their 18th birthday ready for adult life.

The Journey: An intentional parenting framework

The Journey is a very practical and easy to implement framework. It provides the scaffolding to define and grow character within our young people. A character that will set them up for a healthy and fulfilling adult life.

One of the secrets to the Journey’s success is that it changes our way of thinking. It establishes a way of thinking for parents and young people that seeks to grow and develop, to promote, to embrace opportunities and strengths. It moves frustrating family ‘moments’ into positive steps in The Journey to adulthood.

Joseph Consulting have design, developed and road tested The Journey intentional parenting framework for families with high school aged young people.  The Journey’s destination is a healthy and fulfilling adult life that begins at 18 years of age. Some of the highlights are;
• Celebrating the Start (Year 7)
• Regular intentional one on one time
• Regular character reflections and learnings
• Mission trip with a parent (Year 10)
• Celebrating the arrival into adulthood (turning 18)

The Journey is a framework and therefore has plenty of room for differing parenting styles and family situations. Importantly, it creates a picture of what adulthood looks like. It changes the way of thinking, giving fresh approaches to love, learning and discipline. The Journey gives parents confidence that they will have positive and healthy adult relationships with their adult children long after they move out of the family home.

The Journey is a transformational way of parenting.

Please contact Joseph Consulting for your copy of The Journey ebook series or to learn when the next training seminars will be held.

Jason and Sheree Gallagher live on the Gold Coast raising their five children, leading their management consulting company - Joseph Consulting and mentoring young leaders.

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