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You Carry the Name

You Carry the Name

Jun 2018

Recently I have been exploring the idea of ‘fathering and leading big organisations’ with one of my clients. I’d like to share with you one of the interesting concepts we discovered.

Being a father is at times very similar to leading a large organisation. Both set culture and model acceptable behaviour. A father carries the name of his heritage and passes it on to his children. A leader becomes a representative of their company brand and reputation. Both ‘carry the name’.

The behaviour and actions of children (no matter what age) can either improve or damage a father’s reputation. Similarly, as leaders the behaviour, actions and performance of your staff can either improve or damage your reputation.

The problem for the father or you as the leader is that you end up owning the outcomes of your family or organisation’s behaviour and performance. Regardless of who is to be praised or blamed, you end up with having to deal with the outcomes.

Many blokes become fathers, whether it’s planned or unplanned. They are given the status of father. Usually, they just bumble their way through fathering using a combination of their instinct and direction from their better half. They try their best, but pressure mounts. Financial pressure, quality time pressure, relational pressure. Frustration builds as the children don’t listen or follow instructions. These moments are interrupted with times that make father’s smile and feel very proud. Reacting and responding to each different situation can be a roller coaster styled ride. However, some fathers take a far more intentional approach to their fathering. They consider the type of behaviour they are modelling. They plan activities and events to address specific needs of their children. In both situations the father ‘carry’s the name’. They will end up owning the outcomes of their children’s behaviour. These two things are givens – they carry the name and own the outcomes.

Leading large organisations is no different. We see Reactionary Leaders and we see Intentional Leaders. Again, regardless of how they became Leaders both ‘carry the name’. Both own the outcomes of their staff’s performance and actions. However, you can choose to be a Reactionary Leader or an Intentional Leader.

An Intentional Leader; owns their responsibility, creates a picture of what success looks like, does what they say they will do, coaches and develops their staff.

Being an Intentional Leader and understanding that you ‘carry the name’ empowers you to have the conversations you have been dreading, but know you need to have. To take actions you have been dreading, but know you need to do. Being an Intentional Leader means that you can alter the outcomes.

At Joseph Consulting we are passionate about empowering Intentional Leadership in large organisations. Please call Joseph Consulting if you would like to discuss how we can help develop the leadership within your organisation.


Jason Gallagher
Director, Joseph Consulting

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