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Change Management - Ned Kelly's Way

Change Management - Ned Kelly's Way

Jun 2017

Many of my clients are currently experiencing significant personal and organisational change. The emotions are raw and quickly bubble to the surface; shock, euphoria, guilt, anger, despair, apathy/ depression and finally acceptance of the change.

As leaders we both experience and lead change throughout our lives. While the text books give us bullet proof ways to lead change, sometimes holes are found in our armour.

Ned Kelly only spent 25 years on earth in the late 1880’s, but etched a legendary place in Australian folklore. I’m sure that if any of us were victims of his crimes we would not be promoting him, yet we Australians love him.

I think two elements of the story resonate with us. First, Ned Kelly was the underdog, doing life his own way and unrestrained by the authorities. Secondly we appreciate the incredibly innovative solution that he unveiled during his famous last stand.

These elements seem to deeply resonate with who we are as Australians. At some level they even seem to define us and what we celebrate.

As leaders when we embrace change it is important to work through the emotional phases (shock, euphoria, guilt, anger, despair, apathy/ depression and finally acceptance of the change). This in turn allows us to lead our organisations and teams through the same emotional phases. These important steps significantly improve the ‘change health’ of those experiencing change. The process strengthens the leader and the organisation.

But we are Australians, just like Ned Kelly. We need to take these change opportunities to innovate. We must! It is in our blood!

If we embrace our change situations like Ned Kelly, I believe we will see great creative ideas develop that will positively impact our leadership, organisations and create many business opportunities.

At Joseph Consulting we can help you and your organisation work through the process of change to ensure that it delivers great Ned Kelly styled innovations. Please call Joseph Consulting if you would like to discuss how we can work with you.


Jason Gallagher
Joseph Consulting

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