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Leadership Insecurity, a Doorway to Greatness!

Leadership Insecurity, a Doorway to Greatness!

Jan 2016

What an increasing numbers of leaders say they would like most to take home from a coaching series or workshop is more confidence — regardless of their experience, education or gender.

Todays leaders have to deal with constant and unpredictable change, and with their inner critic - that little voice of conflict inside their heads that says, “You’re going to mess it up.”

And mess it up I did. As some of you are aware, I am divorced. Besides the death of a family member it was the most traumatic experience I have had the displeasure of enduring.

However, one good thing did come from my experience - an awareness of my insecurities, their effect on my life plans and destructiveness upon my relationships.

Over time I managed to turn my insecurities into a signpost for change, a signal for me to pause, look, listen and find a better way to deal with them. They are now my “friend.”

No leader can afford a destructive relationship with insecurity, but some insecurity is to be expected, even at the top. We may never make an insecurity go away, but we can put them in their place and use them to our advantage.

We can turn our insecurity into an advantage by using it as a “pause” button. An insecurity used as such can operate as a motivator to think, and then act, rather than incorrectly as a signal to act, and then think.

If we wish to “pause” correctly, we must plan to turn an insecurity into our advantage as a motivator to move forwards, as quickly and correctly as possible.

The first step to correcting the imbalance is to become more self aware so we know when to hit the pause button, and turn it to our advantage.

Rather than being destructive, used correctly insecurities can help leaders tap into their full potential, establish collaborative relationships and empower others.

We often associate an insecurity with feelings of nervousness or unease, of being vulnerable. Vulnerability of spirit is the essence of humility, which has been recognised as an essential trait in great leaders.

Great (humble) leaders are aware of their own power of leadership and are self-aware - they can freely admit that it’s not all about them, and have the courage to admit or reveal their own errors and insecurity to their peers, colleagues and employees.

Timidity, weakness, and inconsistency are not nor have ever been a part of a good leader’s character. Our ability to recognise our own feelings of insecurity, fear and doubt, to identify them and to be able to use them is the distinguishing marks of a great leader.

At Joseph Consulting we are passionate about organisational growth, and empowering leaders so they can make the most of their situations. Please call Joseph Consulting if you would like to discuss how we might provide you specific leadership coaching for you or your teams.


Rob Boynton
Leadership | Business Consultant
Joseph Consulting


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