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KISSing the ‘Art of Complexity’

KISSing the ‘Art of Complexity’

Oct 2017

Why does everything have to be so complicated?

Some people I meet are Masters in the ‘Art of Complexity’. They explain with great pride how they have created a ‘simple’ spreadsheet - it does this and it does that. During the conversation I find my head spinning from the complexity. It seems that the spreadsheet has taken on a life of its own!

We find these Complexity Masters within every level of our organisations. They are passionate about their work responsibility, willing to take a lead and love to add value. Often their first initiative does provide some benefit...but then, the initiative starts to grow. You wake up one morning and wonder why is it so difficult to get anything done?

How do we stop the slow suffocation of complexity? How do we clear the complexity and experience operational clarity? A clarity that provides freedom to innovate. A clarity that energizes and enhances workplace satisfaction.

The answer: Keep KISSing our Complexity Masters.

Complexity Masters are valuable team members and leaders. They need to be encouraged and engaged. However, they must use their Complexity Master skills for clarity not complexity.

It is important to provide them regular opportunities to use their creativity. But don’t let them stay on one initiative for too long, as they will continue to add complexity until they are reassigned to another initiative.

Complexity Masters must also receive clear constraints. Define for them the purpose of the initiative. Challenge them to deliver the initiative within very simple ‘bite size pieces’. This may take the form of a simple 5 box flow chart, or a plan on 1 page. Keep the constraints very tight as this will further stretch the Complexity Master’s creativity.

Remember to celebrate with the Complexity Masters when they use their skills for clarity not complexity.

At Joseph Consulting we are passionate about creating operational clarity. Clarity provides freedom to innovate and enhances workplace satisfaction. Please call Joseph Consulting if you would like to discuss how to experience the benefits of operational clarity within your organisation.


Jason Gallagher


Joseph Consulting

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