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Endless Possibilities without a New Year’s Resolution

Endless Possibilities without a New Year’s Resolution

Jan 2018

January is nearly over! Ahh… I’m was meant to have a new year’s resolution. I need some sort of admiral goal for 2018, but, I don’t have anything!

Don’t worry, I have the perfect 2018 goal for you. It will ensure that your 2018 will be full of endless possibilities. Are you ready for it? …coach under 10’s cricket!

Back to the cricket shortly. Avril Henry in her book titled; Leadership Revelations – an Australian Perspective, has undertaken extensive research of leaders from many different Australian walks of life, industries and organisations. She has uncovered nine key characteristics of leaders who have been identified as highly effective and respected leaders.

The top characteristic displayed by highly effective and respected leaders was that they had an appetite for learning and developing others.

Highly effective leaders deeply understand how their influence and interaction with their teams, boards, organisations and stakeholders directly impacts results. They understand that developing those within their circle of influence grows their opportunities and effectiveness.

Our goal for 2018 should be to increase our appetite for learning and developing others.

Now back to the cricket. Over the years I have had the opportunity to coach a few under 10 cricket teams. They have provided me wonderful moments of laughter, joy and frustration. The surprising thing is that I have been able to transfer my cricket coaching lessons directly into corporate settings. These experiences have increased my appetite for learning and developing others. As I have intentionally developed those within my circle of influence I have seen my opportunities and effectiveness increase.

When I started coaching under 10 cricket teams the cricket club gave me a copy of Queensland Cricket’s Junior Cricket Coaching Manual. The manual outlined 3 basic fundamentals of effective coaching which I have been able to transfer directly into my corporate life. This approach has been refreshing and fun. I have seen an increase in the effectiveness of my circle of influence, as I have intentionally adopted an ‘under 10 coaching approach’ to my leadership.

Queensland Cricket, Junior Cricket Coaching Manual: 3 Basic Fundamentals of Effective Coaching
Know your Mission: In other words, what are you trying to achieve when you coach? What is important? It’s a good idea to write down your ‘mission statement’ for your coaching.
Communication and Building Rapport: This is essential! Being able to communicate with your players, no matter how old they are is a vital skill to have. More often than not, it’s your ability to ‘listen’, rather than ‘speak’ that gives you the best results. When you do have something to say to your players, try and ask them questions. It’s a great way to discover what your players already know.
Planning: Planning gives you some structure to work to. Make a plan for your whole program/season/session. Plan to arrive early to your sessions, so that you have time to set up and be ready. Try to improvise during your session if an activity isn’t working.

I encourage you to adopt an ‘under 10 coaching approach’ to your leadership. Take some time to embrace these 3 fundamentals; know your mission, communication and building rapport, planning. If you adopt these, I am confident that when you take your next Christmas break you will be surprised at the increased effectiveness of your circle of influence and the opportunities that presented themselves during the year.

Goal for 2018…coach under 10’s cricket!

At Joseph Consulting we are passionate about developing leaders to increase their capacity and potential. Please call us if you’d like to discuss how your leadership can develop further.


Jason Gallagher
Director, Joseph Consulting

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