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The Journey: new thinking

The Journey: new thinking

May 2021

The Journey intentional parenting framework is for families with high school aged young people. It provides an easy and practical scaffolding to develop character within their young people, setting them up for a healthy and fulfilling adult life.

The Journey changes our way of thinking. It establishes a way of thinking for parents and young people that seeks to grow and develop, to promote, to embrace opportunities and strengths. It moves frustrating family ‘teenage moments’ into positive steps in The Journey to adulthood.

Secrets to The Journey’s success

Success of The Journey is built on the adoption of three key principles and acceptance of three important realities.

The three important realities will be evident in family life. The challenge is to honestly accept them. Honesty creates a platform to ensure these important realities are positive character building elements on The Journey.

The three key principles create a significant improvement to the three important realities. When adopted these principles allow our young people to ‘stand on our shoulders’.

Key Principles

Intentional Parenting takes ownership of choices and actions, it also encourages those around us to take ownership. Intentional parenting creates a framework or a general plan to guide family life. It is not afraid to use business skills to help the family grow and develop or plan celebrations or time together.

Calling out the best principle promotes growth and development. It allows space to discover strengths and passions. Children are a gift. They will grow into adults. Calling out the best encourages our young people to ‘have a go’, it is ok to fail, but learn and ‘have another go’.

Time to communicate. We all want to be heard, and family life creates wonderful opportunities for active listening and learning how to communicate during good times and bad. This principle uses key family moments to learn to share emotions and celebrate others.

Important Realities

These important realities will play out in your family life. If you ignore them, they will still give results. However, if you honestly accept them, you can positively influence the results.

Value demonstrated. In family life, actions and time communicate what we value. Words do extraordinarily little to demonstrate who and what we value. Only actions and time.

Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Children reflect and mirror parents. They have similar emotional responses and decision-making processes. They reflect the good and the bad.

Marriage. The parental relationship models and instructs our children on; how to love and enjoy relationships, how to work as a team, how to resolve differences/conflict, how to communicate (active listening) effectively, how to respect people, how to forgive, how to treat your wider family (plus in laws) and friends.

The Journey changes our way of thinking. These key principles and important realities are the first steps to establishing a way of thinking for parents and young people that seeks to grow and develop, to promote, to embrace opportunities and strengths. It moves frustrating family ‘teenage moments’ into positive character building moments. It allows our young people to ‘stand on our shoulders’ as they journey into adulthood.

Please contact Joseph Consulting for your copy of The Journey ebook series or to learn when the next training seminars will be held.


Jason and Sheree Gallagher live on the Gold Coast raising their five children, leading their management consulting company - Joseph Consulting and mentoring young leaders.

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