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Can you succeed without a backstory?

Can you succeed without a backstory?

Nov 2017

To succeed you must have a powerful backstory. The greater the adversity, the crazier the upbringing, the more inspirational these people become. I admire how they overcome hardship and obtain their extravagant goals and achievements.

Not everyone has a powerful backstory. Like me, many of us would need the services of an expert publicist to dig deep into our history to discover a back story. So how do we become inspired to obtain extravagant goals and achievements?

While our back stories are different, one thing we have in common with these inspirational people is the capacity to dream. To dream of a new line of business, expand our client base, maybe even to dream of a new career. Dreams build hope and energy for a brighter future. Dream of extravagant goals and achievements.

But how can we embark on the pursuit of our dreams without recklessly abandoning everything and everyone we love? It is simple. We look for chances to be courageous.

Chances to be courageous don’t just appear, they are built over time. Before starting our pursuit we must first determine what we can afford to lose. What are you willing to give up or sacrifice for your extravagant goals? It might be a few hours per week or a percentage of your revenue. This effort is to be redirected towards the pursuit of your goals.

Armed with new redirected effort, look for opportunities to be courageous. Use it to stretch your company or yourself. Start small, build a prototype, trial your initiative. Always use the redirected effort to push your limits.

I recently reacquainted myself with the Eddie the Eagle story. Eddie was an unorthodox ski jumper who represented Great Britain at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympic games. After competing in the 70m ski jump event, Eddie then enter the 90m ski jump event, even though he’d never attempted that jump before. Eddie decided that this was his one and only chance, so he was going to give it a go. He took his opportunity to be courageous.

Regardless of your backstory, are you looking for opportunities to be courageous?

At Joseph Consulting we are passionate about empowering leaders and their organisations to achieve extravagant goals. Please call Joseph Consulting to share your goals and discuss strategies to achieve them.


Jason Gallagher
Joseph Consulting

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